Our Farm

The Farm

Annfield farm is a family farm nestled in the rolling hills of Fife just north of Edinburgh.

We are the 4th generation farming there but everything has changed since it all started. We are a team of two, Laury-Anne and Andrew, partners both at the farm and in life.

We are very much international : Andrew was born and grew up in Scotland at the farm; Laury-Anne is French-Belgian and has lived in Scotland for over 10 years. All our communications are in French and English, we want to keep the link with our roots and Europe.


Our first seven Angora goats arrived in October 2020 from the South of England and have since adapted really well to our local climate.

Our goal is to raise animals with high welfare standards: happy goats and no kill. This directs us in everything we do :
– Their feeding
– Small groups organised for their comfort
– The ability to go in and out when they want
– A lot of outside space
– All the treats (pumpkins for Halloween, Christmas trees for Christmas, fruits, vegetables etc…)

They spend at least six months a year outside, with sunshine (if possible in Scotland), fresh air and loads of grass. In the winter, they are inside which keeps them nice and warm and makes it easier for us to look after them (to the point of doing regular pedicures for everyone).

All our choices are influenced by the latest technological and scientific advances.
Every year, a laboratory tests the wool of all 18 months old goats to determine their individual qualities. In turn, this allows us to organise breeding and create fleece statistics.



We blend our Mohair with Shetland fleeces but also produce pure Shetland yarn and pure Wool yarn.

It hasn’t been financially viable for a number of years to sell sheep’s wool, to the point that some farmers burn it. Our wool partners get a fair price for their wool which not only covers the cost of production but allows them to make a small profit on it. This wool is produced by a small group of local breeders that we personally know and have chosen because they have high welfare standards. The Shetland wool comes from local smallholders within 20 miles of us. The pure wool comes from our next door neighbours.

We are convinced that wool not only has a potential but it has a value. We want to prove that it is do-able to have a Scottish wool of very high quality and that there is a market for that product.

All our yarns are 100% wool – no plastic at Annfield!

We also limit our carbon footprint by using a wool mill as close to us as possible.
All our packaging is eco-friendly. It is mostly made with recycled material, and is either recyclable or compostable.
Every year we plant trees and hedges at the farm to do our part in the fight against climate change and improve biodioversity.